Puddle Jumping

Do you remember which book it is from? The scene where the two kids are trying to jump in the right puddle to get to Narnia. Finally one says that Aslan isn't a tame lion and that we can't control him. Our puddle jumping, no matter how skilled it is, will get us nowhere.

A few weeks ago I visited a church in Oklahoma. The Sunday school teacher asked us what good-luck charms we carried.

Sometimes our righteous acts are our good-luck charms, our bargaining chips with God. Sometimes we think the right prayers that include "Thy Will Be Done" will really mean that God will work it out my way. I am convinced that the longer my quiet time in the morning is, the better my day will go. I expect to be rewarded.

So, then, I am completely and utterly astounded when my righteous acts, my prayers, my quiet times don't lead to what I want. True, those things are good and those things are important. But they don't make God do anything. They just take us to Him.

Like those puddles.

I just want to be with Him. So, I'm jumping in every puddle that comes my way and asking God to deliver me to His side. And lmay that be the center of my righteous acts, the point of praying, the reason for my quiet time. I just want to be there.


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