An Open Letter to My Friends

You morn with me even when you're rejoicing. You rejoice with me in the midst of your morning. You pray me through a crisis even though it's more drama than actual hardship. You listen to me even when you know I'm just thinking aloud. You tell me when my ideas are bad and when my thought process are based on a lie. You say the hard things even when I don't wan to hear them. You pull me down the earth. You tell me not to wear that again. You make me laugh. You let me sit on your couch and do nothing. You let me dig in your refrigerator without me asking. You want to know what I'm thinking. You tell me things will be better after I get some sleep. You don't expect me to talk the whole time, but if I do, it's ok, too. You share your favorite books and movies with me. You keep my secrets. You don't walk away. You share your family with me. You hope the best will come. I just wanted to say thank you. I love you back.


Tara said…
Ahhhh I love that. I love friends like that as well. You are loved April!!!

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