My Good Things List or 100 Things I'm Thankful For

book shelves
the smell of cedar chips
a hug from a child
new friends becoming dear friends
perfume counters
laying in bed with my mother
Japanese binocular soccer
hand-written letters
shady paths
waking up with a good song in my head
sleeping in
driving on a road for the first time
Frienet's baptism
movies both my dad and I like
plans for the weekend
eating something new
Northumbria's morning prayer
long drives
a new hobby
changing into who God wants me to be
really high-heals
discovering a new author
journal entries that don't make sense
good discussions
discovering a "new" scripture
learning to trust
funny thoughts
walking through Saks Fifth Avenue and feeling very out-of-place but doing it anyway
doing a lot of things anyway
coffee with whipped cream
my maternal grandmother's pearls
my paternal grandmother's pearls
getting to know someone
taking off a mask
lazy days
productive days
Japanese Tea Gardens
sitting in a adirondack chair in the middle of a garden
wine bottle candle holders
learning to give myself grace
learning to live grace
scented candles
fizzy water
train rides
moped rides
white curtains blowing in the breeze
good friends who are not my age
laughing until we both cry
not having to be perfect
waiting for God after He says no
people who love you anyway
reconnecting through the internet
God making the impossible possible
PJ pants
getting all dolled up
Mozart's Clarinet Concerto in A Major: Adagio
hiking while not sweating
sitting close
double stuffed Oreos and a big cup of real milk
sweet people
marking off things on my to-do list
missing people who are far away
not missing people who are far away
watching someone mature
finding a new song
inside jokes
long hugs
comfy couches
friends in the same boat
things that never change
the luxury of spending two hours getting ready
Irish worship music
flavored creamer
flowers on the table, beside the bed and in the bathroom
loud singing
dancing with Cubans
Friday nights spent in your PJ's with a pizza and a movie
being surprised by a movie
making someone laugh
trading back rubs
leisurely reading a magazine
trying not to laugh in a serious place
helium balloons
hearing birds
listening to a really good book
sweet memories


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