not waking up in the middle of the night
birthday week
laughing out loud while instant messaging
imagining a week at the spa
big cities
sweet songs
fresh starts in the morning
trying again
getting over it
connecting with a stranger
eating more than one slice of pizza without a salad
my mother's laughter
my father's tender heart
coffee at Priscilla's
getting to know a child
going to the movies by myself
going to the movies with someone
eating at a nice restaurant by myself
eating at a nice restaurant with someone
godly brothers in my life
being trusted
not being disappointed
prayer warriors
financial supporters
co-workers around the world
Hannah, Samuel's mother
the words, "I have a surprise for you."
hearing, "I love you."
holding hands
toaster ovens
clean water
learning a new city
my Pueblo small group
saying, "Never mind. I don't know how to say it." and then hearing, "It's OK. Keep explaining."
wise friends who are humble
Zephaniah 3:17
picture windows facing east
getting organized
staying organized
God's faithfulness
dreaming about Heaven
having a Godly heritage
being a little like each of my aunts
singing Puccini
Opening myself up to what God has in store
getting better
being better
The Art Institute of Chicago
laughing at myself
waking up prayerful
being tired of myself
waiting for God
long, long, long drives
being still in my soul
reading a good book on the plane
God stepping in
welcoming someone new into my heart
saying, "I love you."
snowy days in Germany
honey roasted peanuts
kneading bread dough
playing in the sandbox
being creative
getting something the first time
starting over
lights with dimmer switches
going back to bed
that day in Venice
watching the clouds
being transparent without being manipulative
the song, "If I Were"
cookie dough
veggie trays
finding the quote I was looking for
hope beyond myself
hot tea fixed by someone else
knowing what my dream meant
the Giver of all good things
being loved
being where no one knows where I am
friends waiting for me
worship songs in a singable key
Rich Mullins
being blessed in the middle of something hard


Tara said…
Ahh you bless me with your list. I too loved lots of those and it was neat to see it in your eyes.

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