Proverbs 28:26. A Word Study

He who trusts in his own heart is a fool,

But he who walks wisely will be delivered.

Batach is a Hebrew word that describes how you can take refuge in something when you trust in it. You can be confident that it’s going to hold up and stand up. Like your house. You don’t creep into it guarding your head from crashing beams. You’re so secure in it, you’re careless with it. That’s trust.

Leb is your feelings, but not just your mood-swings. We call it your heart, but it’s a little more than what I think about when I hear the word “heart”. It’s more than having a crush, or being so tired you can only cry. It has to do with your will, what you want. It’s what you’re thinking about and how you’re feeling about what’s going on in your head. Which means, gentleman, this verse is for you, too.

Kciyl is used here to mean foolish. It really means fat… as in fat, stupid and silly, like a round clown… useful for short entertainment but not someone who you want to be with all the time, much less someone who is going to make a difference in anyone’s life. It describes someone who is so slap-happy they’re stumbling on the curb.

So, in other words… if you are really secure in what’s going on inside your head, you’d better watch out. Someone’s about to take a tumble, and it’s going to be you.

Halak is to walk. You go, you move… physically and mentally… This can be putting one foot in front of the other or it could describe how your thoughts and emotions evolve. Basically, it’s how you live your life.

Chokmah is translated as wisdom, but it can also mean someone who is skilful and deliberate. Like someone who is practicing the same measure again and again on the piano just to get it perfect. It’s experience and the things we’ve learned along the way as we sift through to find Truth. It starts with fearing the Lord.

Now we get to the best part. The deliverance part.

Malat here means to be delivered. Yes, the freeing, releasing, rescuing type of deliverance. The Hebrews from the Egyptians kind of deliverance. But it also means the other kind. The hospital’s delivery room kind. The kind where you give birth to someone.

Walking in wisdom doesn’t just save you, it gives you life.

Malat has one more meaning.

To emit sparks.

And isn't that the kind of life we really want?


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