One Sentence

One page 55, a third of the way down, I read a sentence that crippled me. In my hands, in printed letters, were the words to one of my core beliefs about God. One that is wrong. One that I fight with again and again. One that I could hardly confess (and therefore repent of) because I couldn't give it words. But here it was in writing.

THIS, this is what the Body of Believers is for: You're not going crazy. You're still saved. I've wrestled too. And God has won.

I wept. One sentence sending a dart into the middle soul of my real self.

Then I thought about how that sentence came to me. It came through one person introducing me to another person who introduced me to another person who was reading that author. And that, too is what the Body of Believers is for. Look what God had to do to get me to that sentence.


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