Facebook has been all over NPR this week because of its change and then reversal of its policy. There has been some really interesting banter about Facebook... does it isolate people or draw them closer together?
One big anti-Facebook argument is that people don't really want to know what I'm doing every minute of the day. They don't want to know what store I'm going in to, how I'm feeling, what I'm listening to...
I go through phases. For a couple of days I'll be on Facebook a lot and then I won't for a while.
Today, I'm in the mood... the mood to change my status. What are you doing right now? The question is so tempting. I just updated it 23 minutes ago. And I'm ready to change it. Well, I don't want to change it - I want to add to it.
Right now it says:
April can't wait to see what God is going to do today.
That's true. I'm heading on a road trip (of which I love any and all kinds) and I am excited to get to know them more.
Here's the more I want to add:
April is listening to the new Chris Botti "Italia" album and it is stunning. She also woke up with a peace for something that has been heavy on her heart for the last week. She stayed up too late rereading one of her favorite books. April is staying at Greg and Lois's house in San Antonio but forgot her phone charger in New Braunfels. She is having a little knee surgery in mid-March and can't figure out the logistics of getting things done. April is so thankful for God's patience and love as He grows us through what seem to be the same issues again and again. She had two major revelations about herself this week - one positive and one negative and doesn't know what to do with or how to change the second one. April had a great afternoon with Brandy yesterday; they just sat and talked for hours. April has so many thoughts and emotions that seem to contradict each other; will they ever be reconciled?

What would happen if I did add that to my status?


Tara said…
I think if you added that to your status people would know the real April, the real, genuine sweet sister I know and love. Thanks for showing me a little window to your heart and more of your facebook status.

I too, want to add so much more as you did today. I completely understand.

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