How to Raise Missions Minded Kids

1. Be missions minded yourself.
2. Participate in different cultures that are in your city (Free Trade stores, festivals and restaurants). If you have a neighbor or a friend from a different country, invite them to talk to your kids about their home country.
3. Subscribe to National Geographic or another magazine which talks about other countries and cultures. Spend time looking at it with your children.
4. Host missionaries in your home.
5. Keep a map of the world or a globe in close proximity so that you can point out countries.
6. Commit to praying for one missionary daily. Learn about what is going on in his or her life and communicate that to your child. Let your kids develop a personal relationship with the missionary. Write letters and send care packages.
7. When you eat Mexican food pray for the missionaries in Mexico. Follow through with Chinese, Italian, etc…
8. Send your kids out! Let them go on mission trips; better yet, take a mission trip as a family.
9. Don’t forget about evangelism right in your neighborhood.
10. Get ready to let them go… even when it means taking your grandchildren half way around the world.


Anonymous said…
Love this!!! How much better the world would be if we all raised children that were mindful of others instead of just themselves!

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