The Gift Game

I love games - not the competitive, follow the rules to the letter, cut throat kind - but the Get To Know You kind... ones that ask questions and reveal something of your fellow players. I am famous for inventing such games on long drives.

Yesterday while driving six hours from my grandmother's house to home, I forced one such game upon my mother (who really is a good sport). Here's the question:

If you had unlimited financial resources, what would you give ___________?

Then, I would fill in the blanks with a name of my mom's friend or relative. What we discovered was that when all was said and done, most people needed what money can't buy. Surprise.

We wanted to give time, faith, wisdom, righteousness, happiness and joy, peace, a do-over.

It made me change how I'm praying for the people I love: instead of praying for a specific issue in their life, I'll be praying for those big things - the real things.

So, if you don't know how to pray for a friend or pray during a situation pray The Gift Game and see what you come up with.


Tara said…
I like that. I remember you having those get to know you games on your apartment coffee table. I love your uniqueness!

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