Trevor TomTom

Trevor is my little GPS guy. OK - he's not really a guy, but a little box I stick to the window.

While driving I only get to see the road in front of me on the screen. It tells me how many miles I have until I turn and what direction I'll turn. But beyond that, I'm just have to have faith in what he tells me. When I miss a turn or take the wrong exit, he shows me how to get back on track. I still end up at the right destination. Sometimes he tells me to go east when I know I should be going west. He always has the better way - even if I feel like it's the longer way, it's the right way. Maybe he's keeping me from missing an accident or road construction.

Hmmm... sounds like Someone else I know... and I think I recall hearing something about higher ways...


Tara said…
I think like that about my GPS too. Mine is brigit as she sounds kinda brittish. I always think that same symbolism with the gps and god. At least God always knows the right directions even when satalights (sp wrong) are not getting a signal!! Love ya

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