What A Wonderful World

After growing up in south Texas and then living in the Caribbean, I haven't been around autumn very much. So, when I landed in northern Ohio this week I was overwhelmed with the fall colors. These colors I have only seen in pictures and really didn't believe. There really are bushes that are red - not reddish - but red. And orange. And yellow. And even purple. But, the people here are used to it. How is that? How can they become complacent about these colors? About living in the true seasons?

That's exactly what I, as a Christian, often am... complacent about the Lord's gifts, about His working in my life, about inheriting eternal life. It's the "norm"; it's how I was raised.

Oh, Lord! May I not live my life growing use to You.


Tara said…
Ditto that April! I too can become complacent with things. I can honestly say I never do with fall and the colors because it's like I forget every year how beautiful our fall is with mississippi river and all. I do forget things like trusting God, depending on him, not just telling others to do it but actually believing it myself. Thanks for your honesty... that is so so refreshing for me today.
Sara said…
it's true, miss april! i too become complacent with things--i love the seasons!! (i desperately missed them when in haiti!!) they are a fresh reminder of just how awesome and creative our Lord is! how He longs to draw us to Him and reveal Himself to us... to think that i become complacent with such an amazing God... doesn't even make sense! to think that i can become used to a God who makes colors so vibrant and wants to color my life even more brilliantly than the trees! it's just nonsense!... thanks for the reminder today:)

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