Good News

My sister works at a McDonald's on Friday nights. The store had been closed for a while for kitchen remodeling. One of their new things is a cappuccino machine - the real kind. So, yesterday I went through the drive through and ordered two.

They were free.

Apparently, the workers have to practice a while before the store can advertise or even sale them and they're still in that training process.

I was so excited! I called my mom to tell one of her coworkers who I knew would want one. I left a message for my dad for him to stop by on his way home from work. I called my friend's office that's close to that McDonald's. I literally went through my contact list on my phone looking for who I thought would be interested in this good news. Not only was the one I got sugar free and so yummy - it was free!

So, why am I not excited about the truest Good News like that? I could change people's eternity - not just their mornings.


Tara said…
So true miss april, thanks!
When we are truely excited about something we tell everyone (even our contact list). I'm excited right now about my prayer journal.. it's actually dean trune's idea but i'm loving it.. always a place i'd like to be but didn't know how.

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