Come, Have a Seat

My favorite furniture design company is Minotti (Italian, of course). I can recognize their furniture instantly. I have noticed that other designers are starting to imitate their ideas. However, I believe a Minotti couch can compare with no other.
This one is my favorite. It's from the Jaggar series. It's what I want for my apartment in Verona.
And since I don't have kids, I can even get it in white. Doesn't it look like the perfect place for an afternoon chat or to curl up and read a fun book? It's comfy and sophisticated, great for entertaining or lounging around.
But, I'll never own one. Minottis are so expensive, you have to call to get a price. And to be honest, I've never seen one in person, much less sat on one. But I still love it and want it. I keep seeing it in decorating magazines and on line... and the more I see it - the more I want it - which makes me see it more and want it more.
Isn't that true in our walk with the Lord? The more we seek Him, the more we find Him... which makes us want to seek Him more.
So, take your shoes off... that end of the couch is all yours. Do you need a little blanket? I'll pour esspreso while you put some Irish hymns on, and we'll have ourselves a chat about the Lord.


Tara said…
I agree April, the more you seek Him the more you want to know Him better.

Love that white couch also... very April Houkie
Sara said…
that couch looks incredibly inviting and wonderful!...:) although i don't care for white all that much, after having just found blue crayon all over my RED couch, i would NEVER dare to own a white anything!! anyway, it's so true about seeking the Lord! He is amazing in that way! He is SO big. i suppose that's why we dedicate our lives to knowing Him more! thanks for sharing--what a good thought!!

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