The Truth Hurts or It Makes You Better

My two friends and I were browsing through cards at a drug store late one night. One showed another one a card and they both started laughing hysterical and saying my name again and again.
Now, three things you need to know about these girls:
1. I love them both very much and they love me.
2. They both are super healthy eaters/exercisers and as thin as my wrist.
3. They had only met each other that night.
This is what the card says:
"We're such good friends that if I suggested a long walk, you'd know I meant sitting with coffee."..."Possibly muffins."
Yes, that's me, alright. Perfectly me. I HATE sweating. I hate the outdoors. I hate being in the sun. I hate exercising. I love coffee and muffins.
Ready for the spiritual turn-around...Scripture says that the gospel is a good fragrance or a bad fragrance, depending on your frame of reference. If you're heading for the light - then great - it's going to uplift and encourage you. If you're heading for death... well, that's what it's going to smell like.So... you either reject the truth and get offended by it, or accept it, listen to it, and laugh a little.
As for me... I did get a Wii and am walking every morning and am eating lots of veggies... but I'm still up for that coffee and muffins if you're offering them. And everytime I look at that card it makes me think of my two dear friends.


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