Pillow Talk

One night at our high school youth group, we had to describe God as an object... most people described Him as human. I said He was like a pillow and everyone laughed hysterically. So, I tried to stumble my way through an explanation as my friends continued to giggle.

Fast forward to now...

My favorite time of the day is early morning (now it's your time to laugh). My iPod comes on to a worship playlist and I get to just lie in bed until my alarm rings 20 minutes later. It's the time I pray - really pray. I drift in and out of the worship lyrics and hug my pillow proclaiming to the Lord all the things He already knows.

When those tears come, where do I go? Straight to bury my face in my pillow. When I'm content and at peace, what do I love doing? Stretching out on the bed and just resting my head.


So, maybe God is like a pillow after all.


Tara said…
What a great way to start your day off. I think of you often April and how you are such an encourager. Keep on blogging, I love to read your thoughts.. I believe it's like a window to our hearts

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