What Word Will It Be?

I think I should be sadder than this. I think I should be sick to my stomach or crying over little things. I'm not.

Where's the bitter in the bitter-sweet? It all just seems right... which means the hundreds of people who've told me they're praying really are.

I thought church would be emotional yesterday: my last Sunday with my Haitian brothers and sisters. It was nice. Just nice. I journaled about my first Sunday as a missionary; I still remember it.

I've been doing a lot of remembering lately. My first attempt as speaking Creole was to Oreste. He asked me in Creole how I was and I said, "Muy Bien." In perfect English he said, "That's Spanish." He huffed and walked away.

I wonder what my last word in Creole will be. It's not a useful language in south Texas or in Northern Italy. Will it be on the plane, helping a seatmate fill out forms? Will it be in the Ft. Lauderdale airport buying juice?

I'll make a prediction. I bet the word will be "mesi".


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