A Friend of a Friend of a Friend

So, today, my friend's friend was telling us about her other friend... a person who is famous living life with integrity as a Christian in a very secular society. I listened to what she said. And I ached for this brother who is a solitary light in a literal field of darkness. And I thought, that is about to be me. Here in Haiti, I am surrounded by friends who hold me up, hold me accountable, and hold me to Jesus. I spend my time teaching about the Word, reading the Word, studying about the Word. How am I going to be when I'm let loose in Italy? How am I going to be when I'm at an art gallery instead of a Bible study? How will I be when I am spending my time in cafes with people who could care less about Jesus instead of with my little ones who believe Jesus could walk right into the room? How will I be on an opera stage instead of standing in front of seven year olds?

And as I pray for this friend of a friend of a friend, I ask the Lord to make him strong, grow him deep, cultivate in him passion and compassion, keep him faithful. And I pray that the Lord reminds him that he's not alone... the Word, the Spirit, and even Jesus are with him... and even those friends of friends of friends who pray for him.

And in praying I'm reminding myself that these things hold true for me as well. I'm really holding on to that.


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