My Favorite Easter Gift

Second Grade celebrated Easter on the Thursday before. We talked about the opened tomb, the new life Jesus gives us, and our hope for life in Heaven. I showed pictures of my mom when she was pregnant with me - and what it feels like when when you're waiting for a baby to be born. And we went on an Easter Egg hunt.

I had hidden a dollar in some of the plastic eggs. Most had jelly beans or gum. One egg had five dollars and another had twelve. When I was stuffing and taping them Thursday morning, I prayed over them - that the right kids would get the money. Kid's don't get allowances here, so I knew that having even one Haitian dollar (which is about 12 American cents) would be special. I specifically prayed that Don would get the big prize.

Don's love language is gifts. He almost daily brings me a treasure and puts it secretly in my hand when he says goodbye at the end of the day as he winks at me. He is helpful and fun, and even tempered. He's so pleasant and kind.

Well, guess who found the Easter treasure? Don!

But that wasn't the best part. When he opened his egg and dollar coins tumbled on his desk, the kids around him were so excited. It was Jennifer, first, who looked up with me and said, "Thank you, Miss April!" Don was just staring wide eyed at his bounty as everyone around him said, "Thank you! Thank you!" Finally he looked up me and laughed. "Thank you, Miss April!"

What I loved was that all his friends were not envious of him. They rejoiced over his rejoicing. All my kids were excited and grateful for their candy and their friends receiving one dollar or twelve. I don't think I've ever been prouder of my students.


Ashley Marshall said…
What a special thing that happened there!

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