A Heart Like Mine

I have said many times that Bedjina is a little me. This was proven during PE on Thursday.

I do not like competition. Truth be told, I love to win, but the opposite is so not fun. And if I do win, someone else has to loose. So, I shy away from competition in real life. However, I do know that it is good for kids to have a challenge, for them to learn how to win and how to loose, and how to cheer on their friends while they are playing.

On Thursday, we played "Robin's Nest". The object is to steel an egg (a ball) from another team's nest (hula-hoop) and put it in your nest. The player with the most eggs when the whistle blows is the winner. It is hysterical and fast and super fun. However, as we were playing, Bedjina came to me and said, "If I were the teacher, I would say, 'Put all your eggs in someone else's nest.'"


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