The Most Fun I've Had in a Long Time

Last week a group of high school students came from Colorado to visit Sonlight. On Wednesday, they invited my class to come for an hour and a half long recess after school. They taught the kids how to play kickball. Then they played soccer and then a rousing game of chase. I had a list a mile long of things I needed to get done that afternoon. So, my plan was to be there at the beginning and then at the end. Since my apartment is right off the playing field, if there was a major problem, I could be there in a heart beat. Plus, the group had several adults who were with them.

However, once it started, I was addicted. I loved seeing my kids play with "grown-ups" without lots of guidelines. I loved how the big kids would just swoop my little ones into the air. I loved the endless giggles. I loved seeing my kids out of uniform (Neissa had a light blue jump suit that I wish she wore everyday!) and seeing them as kids and not as students. I loved that when someone did get bonked in the head (which happened often!), the kids wanted me - not the visitors - to fix it. I loved that my kids were speaking English like crazy.

It was so very fun... and I adored every minute of it. Especially the last few where I took off my shoes and answered the demand, "Miss April! Catch me!" I'd be delighted.


Anonymous said…
Hello April,
I am Juliana's mother. I just re-read the nice thank you note you wrote to her and decided to check out your blog.
THANK YOU so much for providing Juliana such a great week in the classroom. She has such positive things to say about you and the 2nd graders. She particularly mentions Abiguile and Wood??? She told me how much she enjoyed playing with the children and having them run their fingers through her hair..she told me you told the kids it was "angel hair"...she liked that!
Thanks for posting the kickball story. I can just picture it!

God bless, Kim

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