A Special Wish

This week our reading story is about an old couple who live on a farm. Because of their kindness to a stranger they are given three wishes. I went around the room asking, "What would you wish for?" (My answers would be a telephone that would allow me to call anywhere in the world for free and for the US Coastguard to land it's helicopter on our school and take every student for a ride!) Someone wished to live in a castle. Someone wished to have a bike. Someone wished to be rich. Jihane wished for a room filled with books. A little later she raised her hand again. This time she said, "I wish I could see Jesus."


Anonymous said…
That Jihane. She is one amazing girl. I can't wait to see the amazing woman that she will grow up to be. I am so glad we are experiencing her...God has a big plan for her!! :)

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