Just Two More Minutes

We have ten minutes of silent reading after P.E. Even my aides and I read during this time. I tell my kids about the book I'm reading and make sure they know that I love to read. I just finished a book yesterday, so I started a new one day - one that I didn't want to put down! When the timer went off I made a sad face and said, "Oh! I love this new book. I don't want to close it." Sully said, "You can have two more minutes, Miss April." Everyone cheered, so I put two more minutes on the clock. (I don't usually let students dictate what is going on in my classroom - but this was an exception.) The two minutes were up too soon. I put my book away this time. When I passed by Sully's desk he motioned for me to come to him and he said, "I gave you two minutes, so you can give me two more minutes next time I take a test."


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