Things That Make Me Happy

I have a giant "2" pinata hanging over my second grade classroom door. It has vibrant stripes of pink, lime green, and teal. It makes me happy. It's cheerful. It's fun. Everyone loves it. But what makes me the most happy is remembering the gift-ers. My mom bought it this summer when we were shopping at the grocery store. Roger Durbin came to school on Saturday to hang it for me. A little bit of their love for me (and my kiddos) is hanging above the door.

I see love everywhere I look. My home and my classroom is filled to the brim with gifts. Everything from this laptop on which I'm writing to my flashlight has been a gift. The construction paper my kids love to cut and their library books all came from people who had generous hearts.

So, thank you to everyone who has written a check, packed a box, handed me something to bring home, or who has come here to give their time for a week. Thank you for spending your love in my life.


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