Testimony to a Stranger

Thom told me that he always takes Excedrin PM on trans-continental flights to insure sleep. So, I boarded my flight from New York to London fully drugged with my two pillows I had carried on as well as the complementary blanket and pillow in my aisle seat. So, I’m just ready to nod off when my traveling companion for the next 9 hours asks, “So… where you goin’?”

Now – let me here interrupt myself and tell you about my Airplane Game. Two people play as if they are sitting side by side on a flight when one person asks, “So… where you goin’?” Then the players each have to make up an instant life and continue until one gets caught in a lie (as Becky’s famous “I got transferred” even though she was a “dental hygienist.”). This game was born out of my desire to actually do this in real life.

So, this guy asks – and I answer – and we start talking. Turns out he’s a 2nd grade teacher in Berkley, California at an Environmental Charter School. What’s an ECS? Well, I wanted to know, too. And he had tons of questions as well… six hours of questions about Haiti and my work and the recycling philosophies of Haitians (use until it can not be used any more and then use it as a stepping stone in the sewer-mud). He was interested in every detail until it came to God. Until…

He asked how this “endeavor” was funded. So, I explained that individuals and churches send money. He could not believe this. He had never heard of such a thing and was fascinated by the fact that people believe in a cause (is it the education or the Jesus thing? – definitely the Jesus thing.) He had tons of questions about what motivates people to do this and how it benefits the people who give. When he realized that people could be as stirred by and dedicated to and impassioned about Christianity that they would reach deep into their own pockets… that’s when he wanted to know about this Jesus thing.

I don’t know this guy’s name. We exchanged gifts and wished each other Bon Voyage and parted… but I’m still praying for him… and how the examples of all the people who financially support me have been to him.

What had started out as my testimony became yours.


Anonymous said…
I know you're stranger found you intriguing...and I appreciate your attempts to share your faith. You've made an impression.

Did this Becky person really say that she was transferred as a dental hygenist? Wow, that takes creativity. She was probably so good at the game she wanted to make it challenging by using an unbelievable story. Probably. Either that...or she's a terrible liar. I would have chosen to be Bono's cousin. Now, that would be interesting.
Anonymous said…
It's great to see you be that light to everyone in every situation, everywhere. We are to be that Jesus to everyone. Thank you for doing that and being you.

Alumni 2nd girls rock

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