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Little Stuffs in Kindergarten

There are a thousand moments of growth in your students when you teach.   In kindergarten, they are sometimes dramatic. The first time all your students write the numbers facing the correct direction. The first time they write a sentence. The first time they realize that adding and subtracting are the same thing.

I know it is technically not a metamorphosis, but it feels like it.  These little humans growing into a skin of learning which will carry them the rest of their lives.

Many of these moments pass by so quickly, neither I nor my students can account for them.  But, when I can measure them, time seems to stop.  A tear might fall.  A celebration dance might be done.  A prayer might be offered in the greatest gratitude and awe.

This week we have shared in four such holy occasions.

Swings are wild things.  They let you fly to Antarctica and back.  But for the child who jumps off, dizzy from spinning and too close to the next propeller, they show their dangerous side.  Two of my …

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