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Books, Babar, and Beauty

Part of our day, includes me reading to the students while they eat lunch. I read the same story all week long. By the time they are finished eating, they are ready to discuss themes, character development, and characterization. This sounds like a lot for kindergarten, but we do it on a five-year-old level. I often ask 3 questions: What did you notice, what did you value, and what do you wonder...
But more than just hitting the beginning middle and end of a story line, I asked the kids to really think about how characters change and how we see the truth about real life even among talking animals.
This means that choosing good books is where it starts. There are all kinds of lists of books that emphasize truth, goodness, and beauty.
And the Babar series is one of my favorites. The books aren't short. The one we read this week, took 20 minutes to read aloud. However, the action is super fast. The story changes with each page.  
The main character, Babar, is King of the Elephants. I…

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